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Scheduling projects with Microsoft Project
Course Description
This course is for all those who want or need to start creating and maintaining their project programmes in Microsoft Project, or have recently started to do so. However, it takes more than just basic tool knowledge to effectively schedule a project and make project programme a powerful tool for planning and controlling tasks and resources.

This course provides both essential knowledge and best-practice techniques for creating and maintaining a realistic project programme as well as MS Project user skills to get you going.
Topics Covered
  • Determine the right project planning approach: level of detail, team and resources, sources of estimates, required level of control, performance monitoring techniques, project constraints, etc.
  • Project scheduling basics: structuring work packages and tasks; dependencies; determining durations; leads and lags; critical path, project calendars; summary tasks and milestones
  • MS Project software overview: functions, navigation, using views, file management, etc.
  • Using MS Project basic functions:
    • Create WBS and Gantt chart, perform sanity checks
    • Storing your custom information
    • Schedule calculating modes
    • Working with baselines
    • Entering performance data and recalculating schedule
    • Formatting and printing your Gantt the way you want it; basic reporting using templates
  • Solving and avoiding common schedule management problems
  • Tracking and reporting project progress using your schedule; project programme as a communication tool
  • Resource management in MS Project (day 2 of the course extended version)
    • Entering resources; resource productivity; resource calendars
    • Checking allocation conflicts; levelling resources (do-s and don't-s)
    • Using timesheets with MS Project
  • Costs management in MS Project (day 2 of the course extended version)
Exercises and tasks are part of the course helping to build up essential scheduling skills using MS Project.
For the extended (2 days) version of the course participants are welcome to work on their own projects.
After completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Create their own project programmes with MS Project, using all essential functions and elements of a good project schedule and avoiding common mistakes;
  • Use Critical Path effectively to help manage project;
  • Optimise project programmes for their working environments and stakeholder requirements;
  • Tell a good project programme from a bad one and challenge schedules provided by vendors and contractors;
  • Use MS Project to track project performance and report on progress;
  • Use MS Project to plan resources and costs and track project cost performance (extended course version).
Who Should Attend
Anyone in the Project Manager or Project Coordinator role, or any management or specialist role requiring understanding and manipulating project programmes – regardless of their experience in managing projects or with project planning tools.
Participants must be confident MS Office users.
Participants are required to bring their own laptops with MS Project Standard 2010, 2013 or 2016 installed, or an active Project Online Professional account.
Course Delivery Options
Open-enrolment or in-house.
Basic veresion: 7 hours (1 day)
Extended version: 14 hours (2 days)
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