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Managing Project Teams in Matrix Structures
Course Description
Most projects form their teams of resources that belong to business units doing some other day-to-day work, with managers of their own. Engineers, technicians, BA-s, customer management, logistics and many others – share their time between yours and other projects, their own BAU plans and other stuff.

This is a matrix structure which creates some unique challenges for PM-s as opposed to managing contractors or doing projects in your functional team.

- How to integrate your project activities into your team's busy BAU and other projects mix?
- How to engage and motivate your Project team for your project success given their other work priorities?
- What responsibilities can you safely delegate and when?
- How to establish reliable communications that will keep risks identified and issues raised in a timely manner?

The course provides participants with a set of tools and recognised best practices as well as tips and tricks on how to make projects work in corporate environments where prioritisation and struggle for resources is a never-ending battle.
Topics Covered
· The essence of project roles and inherent peculiarities of matrix structures
· How to form and develop your Project Team given all the organisational constraints
· Responsibilities and accountabilities of key project roles – things to educate and train your team members and stakeholders
· Finding the right balance between 'hard' and 'soft' – formal and informal aspects of leadership, management, delegation, conflicts management, planning and reporting processes and team communications
· Sources of power and leadership for project manager. How and when to use your technical knowledge in a smart way.
Participants will:
· Learn how to identify and use key inherent properties of matrix organisational structures for their projects' benefit in any given company or project setting;
· Learn what tools and approaches to managing and leading Project teams and stakeholders work best in shared resources environments;
· Through individual and group exercises, try different ways of overcoming the most common 'matrix' challenges with responsibility assignment, accountability, tasks prioritisation, quality and other.
Who Should Attend
Project and Programme managers with all levels of experience. Project coordinators and PMO specialists. Business unit and functional managers and Team leads.
Previous exposure to project management in real life.
Course Delivery Options
Open-enrolment or in-house (tailored to customer's requirements) · 7 or 14 hours (1 or 2 days)
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