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Upgrade your skills
When delivering projects is a substantial part of your business, your Team's project management skills need to be aligned with the level of PM maturity your company wants to achieve.

This must not be left to chance.
p.m.Office will deliver a custom training programme that precisely fits your company's and Team's needs. Generic or industry-specific, balance of theory vs. practice or interaction and play vs. listening and watching, common or company-specific termonolgy-based – these and many more considerations we will make when designing a course to suit your company's needs.

Some of our most demanded courses are listed below.
Most projects form their teams of resources that belong to business units doing some other day-to-day work, with managers of their own. Engineers, technicians, BA-s, customer management, logistics and many others – share their time between yours and other projects, their own BAU plans and other stuff.
This is a matrix structure which creates some unique challenges for PM-s as opposed to managing contractors or doing projects in your functional team.
The course provides participants with best practices and skills on how to make projects work in corporate environments where prioritisation and struggle for resources is a never-ending battle.
Robust managing of project risk does not boil down to creating probability and impact matrix around known risks and drawing mitigation plans for what could go wrong.
It is about gaining and maintaining awareness across the whole spectrum of uncertainties of different nature, both inherent to, and surrounding your project; and dealing with them in a wide variety of ways – from creating classic contingencies to managing stakeholder expectations.
This course is a tightly-packed toolkit of carefully selected and ultimately effective risk management techniques that can be used in projects of quite different nature – technological or organisational, small or large scale, explicitly scoped or quite fuzzy.
This course is for all those whose life has been impacted by projects one way or another, including junior, emerging or "accidental" project managers, team leaders and project team members and SME-s of all sorts.

It will help them to succeed with their projects and avoid common mistakes by providing a coherent and easily applicable tool set and basic skills to charter, initiate, plan, control and coordinate, and close your project.
This course is for all those whose who want or need to start creating and maintaining their project programmes in Microsoft Project, or have recently started to do so.

It provides both essential knowledge and best praactice techniques for creating and maintaining a realistic project programme as well as MS Project user skills to get you going.